Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Aleeyah got chicken pox

Just like a normal day, we brought Aleeyah to school early this morning. After an hour the school called telling us to take Aleeyah home because she's got the chicken pox symptoms and do not want the other kids to get infected. So we took Aleeyah to her doctor. She is not supposed to have it because she got a vaccine two years ago but the doctor said, it could have been worse if she didn't have a vaccine already. The doctor gave her some medicine for relief but advice that she wont go to school for today and the whole week next week.
To protect her younger sister, the doctor recommended that we give her a chicken pox vaccine, so we did. Esher cried when they injected the needle. Aleeyah saw the whole process and felt sorry for her sister so she cried. As she cried she said, "I do not want my sister to feel hurt!" Both the nurse and the doctor were touched and they shed tears too. The doctor said, "i feel so proud for your daughter, you must be really proud of her too.
Please pray for Aleeyah's fast recovery and also for Esher's protection.