Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Aleeyah's Birthday and more

The party seems only for the kids. Using Jairah Rafael's portable swimming pool, Aleeyah had a swimming birthday party with her friends except....

....Hannah, her bestfriend. She could not swim because she was not feeling well that day.

The birthday party was not only for kids after all. Everyone that came enjoyed the simple (handa) food, fried hotdog on a stick and a marsmallow with some orange juice. And the birthday cake of course.

Aleeyah was blessed to receive a gift from Bong Channy.......

........... a beautiful dress

and from Bong Channa...........

......... a sleeping clothes

and from Bong Chumraen..... a beautiful dress too.

Esher with her new baby sitter, Bong Somnang, with Bong Chumraen and Bong ChanaNot a new truck! At the end of the day, after working hard when we just moved to the new property, Greg put her two daughters in the wheelbarrow and gave them a really good ride. The girls had fun.

Aleeyah invited her friends, Hannah, and Luka, the contractor's son for a cake party.

Aleeyah enjoying a bike ride with Bong Srey leak, the daughter of our school guard

Esher running in the spacious area at the new property. Behind her is the entrance gate and the guard post.

On the boat but inside the van. On our way to the wedding of Srey Lis' sister. Aleeyah and Esher both enjoy traveling.