Friday, July 20, 2012

Family Holiday June 2012

 Aleeyah is in a 2-month holiday (June-July). The first day of her break, she asked, "Can we please go somewhere during the holidays?" I (Resie) told her to pray. It takes cash to go somewhere and finding the time is a challenge as i'm working during these months. Thankfully i had at least 4 days off from school before the second semester began. Greg and I decided we can have a little family get-away then.
am frustrated... i can't get these photos rotate :(

 The girls can't just get their wish easily... they have to at least earn a merit. I then ask them to help me do household chores.... and thati have a really huge surprise for them the next day. Here they are sweeping... oh well.... having mommy home... they decided they could have more fun doing chores....
 So their broom became a rock and roll microphone...

or a guitar.... and the house was then filled with a joyful noise :)
or a witch broom...
...and Aleeyah did the dishes
after sweeping Esher dusted the dish cabinet

the next morning...i told them the surprise... immediately they packed and boarded the car
Tadaaaa..... huge surprise! @ Kingdomg Resort and Spa
of course Aleeyah is extremely happy that mommy gets to turn off her phone...stay offline and just had pure fun time with her and her sister.
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..........................let the fun begin!!

story telling in the pool

more talking

role-playing with imaginary food
Esher learning to swim
great fun
posing for a picture before continuing to play again
swim Esher swim!
Esher trying the baseball
she can't quite trust that
baseball with dad
evening bonding together at the kids playground
kid's soccer field
more story telling
with more action
early morning.... 2nd day
learning the swim with the board by herself
Aleeyah racing with dad
absolute fun!!!
She loves posing for pictures :)
Beings sisters :)
Dancing ballet
Singing with the loud background music... ♪ Rolling in the deep ♪
Hmmm... maybe not!