Saturday, January 30, 2010

December Specials

Birthdays are one of the fun days for Aleeyah and the pastors kids. Here you see Aleeyah, Paul and Peter and Hannah tossing their pops when they attended Katies first birthday. (Katie is the daughter of missionaries Tim and Tiffany Gallants.)
Here is Esher sitting at the hammocks of Ptr. Vandy and Tita Rolitess when we visited their home. She is making that cute gesture of Miley Cyrus from the Movie Hannah Montana that we borrowed from one of her favorite pastor, Lookru King Titus.
To cut down on travel expenses, we slept at the church sanctuary when we visited Kratie Wesleyan church to fellowship with the members and give them encouragement to remain strong in the Lord while we all wait for the re-opening for corporate worship.
One of the things Aleeyah enjoy when we are traveling is making friends. Here is a picture of her and Chantha drawing and writing English words together. Since Chantha speaks several English and Aleeyah understands Khmer, they are able to carry long conversations like this one.
Aleeyah also enjoy handing our Christmas gift to our pastors.
Another youth from same church who likes to play with her and take pictures with her.
She likes to play with the camera. At first she captured a close up picture of this cross and then later she asked mommy to capture this one for her. Aleeyah loves Jesus and she knows that Jesus Christ was nailed in the cross to bring salvation to humankind.
This is another shot of Aleeyah of Resie and Esher.
Esher also enjoy traveling and explore her world. While in our house at Phnom Penh, she is always inside the house not being able to see the sunshine very much, not being able to touch the soil and the sand. When we are traveling, she gets to enjoy every little thing that catches her attention. She likes to play with the sand, catches the chicken, watch the pigs, etc. etc.
You saw many pictures of her enjoying this special curry soup with french/baguette bread. She really likes it.
No they are not in their bedroom, they are inside the van during our five hours travel to Kratie. Greg removed one of the chairs of the van, laid mats, put pillows for them to feel comfortable during travel. For that long hours of travel we have to think of ways to entertain them and make them busy. Aleeyah always travel with her reading books, writing books, coloring books, pen, pencil, crayons, scissors, dolls and toys.
They like to take a bath and they use a bucket as thei bath tub.

During christmas celebration, they receive lots of cookiess from their missionary friend Adam Nash.
Esher is wearing Jairah Rafaels helmet and she's wearing it the other way around.
Aleeyah experinced her first wedding flower girl here in Cambodia during the wedding od Jeff and Channy. Esher was walking after Aleeyah and Hannah. Hannah finished throwing her flowers earlier than Aleeyah. When Esher saw that Aleeyah's vase is still full of flower petals, she grab all of them and had fun throwing them at the carpeted floor right at the front of the flatform.
A picture of our two girls that we adore.
Aleeyah also attended Ruben's first birthday. Ptr. Arun was the most excited person during this occasion because his adopted son is now turning one.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Aleeyah's School First Term Closing

December 18, the first term of Aleeyah's class ended. She enjoyed the 3 months and two weeks of her Pre-K class.

The nursery Class presentation. It was the cutest presentation of the day. Some of the children were crying, some were trying to run and the teachers chasing and putting them back to their post, some were sitting when they were supposed to be standing. Just cute!

Santa at Footprints school

Aleeyah's class presentation. Her teacher said that it is Aleeyah who is putting enthusiasm into their singing and very encouraging to the other kids to sing loud.

Her teacher wrote a note to parents asking the kids to wear green, so we got Aleeyah a green dress. Surprisingly, the other kids in her class wore red. :)

Aleeyah in the midst of the crowd

Esher's self entertainment!

This is our water bottle holder/dispenser. One day Esher found it empty. She thought she could use it to entertain herself. There she goes, she use it as a swing! Esher is the independent one.