Saturday, May 2, 2009

Behold the Beauty of Cambodia's Nature

The trip was not very convenient because our van overheated and needed to be towed while we are still forty Kilometers away from our destination. But.....

for Aleeyah it's alright because as you see, she is sound asleep and for Esher its okay too, she still smiles while the vehicle is being towed by a truck.
Arriving at Tita Amy's home was restful. Anytime of the day, we find oursleves idling in her comfortable huge rattan couch

Being an environmentalist, she patronizes products that are made of nature. You will see many basket like this, big and small inside her house. She use them for laundry basket, vegetable and fruit basket and many more. Aleeyah finds it fun to stay inside and play.

The next morning, we were gonna go elephant treking, but it will take us six hours total to go around the mountain and get back. So, we just had a picture with the elephant. This is enough for now.

This is a local Bunong tribal house that sits near the elephant ride trek station. Many of this have not heard the Gospel message.

Since we couldn't go elephant treking, we went to visit some water falls. This is Dakdam waterfalls.

Wooden steps down to the waterfalls.

That's right. Hold the railings tight.

Strolling around the forest.

Aleeyah and Esher exploring the woods

It looks silly but it does not matter as long as we are having fun. That tree looks really big.

Yes, we don't really care how those hair looks like as long as we are having a pure bonding time

While visiting around, we spotted a local Bunong Tribe woman

That's the kind of road we are treking to go around the mountain, some are worst, some are nicer.

Enjoying lunch at nature lodge with ate Ems, Tita Amy's daughterThe girls having more fun at nature lodge

The girls enjoying their sisterhood

A pose with Tita Amy and her sister Anne

It took the strength of Tita Amy...

Kuya Tony to get Aleeyah to the water fall's pool

That's Resie liberating herself from all the stress and pressure of work as she enjoys the fresh water falls on her. This is Monorom waterfalls.

In the late afternoon of the same day, we went to mountain Monorom to behold the sunset, and there the kids had fun picking some bushe's branches.

The next day, we all went to Bousra Water falls one of the most beautiful falls throughout Cambodia.