Sunday, March 13, 2011

Aleeyah trying to read

I (Mom) remember Aleeyah as a baby, when you give her stuff toy, she is not interested but when you give her books, she's very happy. Both her Dad and i always read to her even when she was still in my tummy. While she enjoy being read to, she couldn't wait to be able to read by herself. Last year, she mastered the sounds of all the letters in the alphabet. This year she's been learning letter blends such as at, an, et, it, in, ch, th, etc. This prepared her to be able to recognize words. She's taking home reading book homework everyday. This weekend, she devoted her time to studying: reading, writing, coloring, and drawing. Early yesterday, i noticed a calloused in the middle finger of her right hand. She's been writing a lot. She's also mastered reading "The Bambi Book", and the "I can Read God's Word and other stories from Psalms" and now she's beginning to read the "I can Pray with the Prayer Circle Friends." When i'd rather want to read my own book, she wants me to sit beside her every time she reads so that i can assist her when there are big words she does not know. It has been a lot of patience working with her on this but i knew that it is the best gift i can give during this stage of her life. It's been very rewarding to watch her being able to read a whole book and am feeling so blessed and proud. This is the video i recorded while she was reading last night before she went to bed.