Monday, August 3, 2009

Esher's Birthday and more

Aleeyah and Esher were blessed during the visit pastor Joel Pascua, our mision director from the Philippines. They both had fun playing, running, and gigling with their Titu Joel. Titu Joel is in fact, Esher's ninong.
The IWU ladies ministered to our family too. Aleeyah and Esher enjoyed their friendship. Here Hannah and Aleeyah poses for a picture inside the van.
Esher with Hannah
Aleeyah and Aimee coloring together during our ministry travel in Kratie

During Esher's birthday, all the kids invited were supposed to have a coloring competition, but they arrived one hour and a half late, so the adults did the coloring instead. This is the first group with Jeff and Channy.

The other group coloring with Uncle Bob from Mitchell SD.

Aleeyah helping Esher blow her candle

Former students Sonicol and Chanthol with their baby Rachel

The twins of Pastor Poleak and Nekru Malout, Paul and Peter were there too.

Pastor Reaksimey and his wife Roathmony with sons Joshua and Rathana

the Cambodian Ninangs (Godmothers), Channy, Channa, Chumraen

Roathmony, Pastor Reaksimey's wife, a seamstress, made this blue dress as her birtday gift to Esher

the kids enjoyed playing the fishing toy given by baby Rachel, daughter of Sonicol and Chantol.

Mr. Bob Lemon, whom Esher call, uncle Bug, was a victim of "the icing game or the after cake" fun. The students had fun catching each other putting icing into each other's face or neck.

Adam and Rachel had fun with the 'icing game' too.