Friday, November 27, 2009

This is Aleeyah eating balut (duck egg) the Cambodian way.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chores, Study, Prayer, and Travel

Esher and her ninang bong Channa during the engagement ceremony of Ptr. Vandy and Rolitess.
Aleeyah's growing up moments
One day she insisted to do the dishes. Not to disappoint her, mommy agreed. Washing the dishes foster mom-daughter teamwork. Mommy do the first rinse, Aleeyah does the soaping, then mommy rinse them again, and then stack the plate. Wheww!! It was a double work but fun. She did this every evening during weekdays and every after meal during weekends. After three weeks, it's getting complicated, so mommy or bong Somnang would make some positive excuses for her not to necessarily help, until she forgot all about doing the dishes.
Feeling guilty, Resie is thinking, we should let her do it often or she will make positive excuses later not to participate in house chores.
It's been three months since she went to school. To this day, she is still excited about school everyday. She wakes up every 5:30-6:00 every morning and asks for assistance to prepare for school. Or sometimes At 5:30, she gets her pencil, pen, crayons, notebooks or book and start writing. Coming from school at 4 PM, she does the same thing till bedtime and actually keep her school stuff under her pillows so that when she wakes up in the morning she would know where to find them.
One day, Dad decided to removed the TV in her room. It is indeed a positive thing. Her TV watching the whole day was replaced with writing, reading, imaginary stories, cutting papers, drawing, making postcards, singing, dancing, and acting. We wonder if she will do the same thing when she starts making homeworks..
Not pretending; its real! Aleeyah tries to read a Bible story to her sister before bed time. She does not really read the words but because she is familiar with the story according to the pictures, she knows what the story is about.

The girls are praying together before bed time. It used to be just Aleeyah praying, but when Esher learned to pray, there's a competition who's going to pray first epecially during mealtimes. It's either they pray simultaneously with a different content of prayer or the other one prays first then the other one's turn. Sometimes, we have longer prayer times during mealtime or before bedtime.

Visiting Moundolkiri the Second time
Esher's enjoying the ride on dad's shoulder. Behind us is the airport in Mondoulkiri.

Ate May, Tito tony and Tita Amy's daughter is being home schooled. During our first day in Mondoulkiri, Aleeyah was not interested in going around when she knew that ate May will do her pace work that day. Instead of going out, she stayed and study with her ate May.

Daddy's enjoying the elephant ride.

Esher enjoying sight seeing and the freedom to walk and run

Aleeyah thinks she is not brave enough to ride the elephant so she stayed in titu Tim's car and ride on the cooler instead...

while Esher and us enjoyed the ride

Esher was ready to go swimming in one of the waterfalls, but there's too much and too dangerous. Taking a shot was enough. Feeling a bit disappointed, Esher......

sat down and had her snack

Aleeyah and Titu Tony at Dak Dam
Hmmmmpppp......feeling so close together....there must be a good reason..... Titu Tony promised Aleeyah she can play the computer game when she gets home.......ha ha ha

Taking the oppurtunity to capture a family picture on the virgin's breast mountain.

Pure Filipinos....

Just being sisters...........

Aleeyah being sweet......

Mondoulkri Rainbow captured while relaxing at Tita Amy's terrace....

Esher's trying to play peek-a-boo to the very tired Katie on our way back home to Phnom Penh

Surely.......peek-a-boo must have been effective

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Aleeyah Goes to School and More

Aleeyah's first day of summer school

Enjoying the outdoor play ground

Aleeyah kisses, hugs and prays for her little sister before leaving for school. Both Aleeyah and Esher are being prayed for when mommy or daddy leaves home for work or ministry. When Aleeyah leaves for school, it's either Esher asks her sister to pray for her or it's Aleeyah who extends the prayer.

Guess what? Is Aleeyah watching the heavy traffic or the trees? While taking her to school that morning, Aleeyah was so quiet at the back seat (she normally talks a lot). We wondered why. So we asked her, "Aleeyah, why are you so quiet today?" She replied, "I am talking to God." Out of curiosity, we inquired further, "What are you talking to God about? "Money, so I can go to school", she replied. Then we (Greg and Resie) look at each other and smiled. Suddenly, we felt at peace that God will provide for her schooling. I guess the 40 minutes drive from home to school gives her plenty of time to talk to God.

At the end of the summer class, the teachers put up a school play called The Magic Forest. Here you see Aleeyah as one of the girl fairies singing to the lost children in the forest, "We are the fairies, the little girl fairies, we are here to help you all get home".

On the grand opening day, a week after summer school, all parents and their families were invited to attend the opening program of the school to get acquainted with the school curriculum and program. It was fun and interesting to get connected with the school staff and teachers and to tour the school facility. This picture shows Aleeyah's classroom during the morning session.

This is the afternoon session/phonics classroom

Esher was with us too during the grand opening. At her age, she is fascinated by colorful things especially toys. She grabbed the opportunity to walk around and explore what toys the school has. She had fun indeed whatever toys she could touch or play.

A pose with Chumraen on her 21st birthday. For the last three years, Chumraen and Aleeyah were close like sisters. During those three years, Chumraen comes to our house everyday to be with her. They play together, watch TV together and go to the beauty parlor together. After returning from the Philippines and moving out of the old WBI, they do not see each other much. But on Chumraen's birthday, it was a great time for them to see each other even just for a while.

Best friends, that's what they are since they were babies. But ever since her family left the school, Hannah and Aleeyah do not see each other much. So when they are together, they make the best of it.

Esher poses with this fried chicken before she eats it during Chumraen's birthday

A family portrait of the Kung Family. And yes, you see Aleeyah and Esher with them-the extended family. Ptr. Kimsan is the first grandpa they ever knew and Aleeyah calls him Look Tha in Khmer, which means grandfather in English.

This is our precious Somnang. She lives with us since February 2009. She helps us in the house and with the kids. Initially, she's with us while waiting for a job opportunity in Malaysia as house helper. But earlier this August she expressed her desire to study at the Bible School. Few days ago, during dinner time, Resie asked her, "What encouraged you to study at the Bible school?" She answered, "Ever since I stayed with your family, I always felt the Holy Spirit was leading me to study." Ptr. Greg further asked, "So do you want to become a pastor?" She replied, "Yes. I want to serve God." "You just passed the interview", Greg said, and we laughed.
Somnang really have a heart to learn more about God. She was ready for the opening of the school this October but since the school opening is delayed till January 2010 this will give her more time to save money to pay for her schooling. Please help us pray that she will continue to have the burning desire to study at the Bible School to prepare her life for service of the King.

Do they look alike? Mommy and the girls having a good time during nap time

While Resie is busy doing her office work in her office in the bedroom, Greg keep the girls busy in the living room. Here is a pose after taking many shots.

Aleeyah wants to be a singer and a teacher when she grew up like her mom and dad (although we are not professional singers, we can carry a tune). Here you see Aleeyah singing "Behold behold I stand at the door and knock knock knock. Behold behold i stand at the door and knock knock knock. If anyone hear my voice, If anyone hear my voice, I will open, open, open the door and will come in."

Aleeyah as a flower girl during the mock wedding of Som On and Channa for Resie's class, Worship and Programming

Aleeyah and Esher having fun with Bong (Khmer word for an older brother or sister) Adam during our new apartment's prayer dedication on September 1.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Esher's Birthday and more

Aleeyah and Esher were blessed during the visit pastor Joel Pascua, our mision director from the Philippines. They both had fun playing, running, and gigling with their Titu Joel. Titu Joel is in fact, Esher's ninong.
The IWU ladies ministered to our family too. Aleeyah and Esher enjoyed their friendship. Here Hannah and Aleeyah poses for a picture inside the van.
Esher with Hannah
Aleeyah and Aimee coloring together during our ministry travel in Kratie

During Esher's birthday, all the kids invited were supposed to have a coloring competition, but they arrived one hour and a half late, so the adults did the coloring instead. This is the first group with Jeff and Channy.

The other group coloring with Uncle Bob from Mitchell SD.

Aleeyah helping Esher blow her candle

Former students Sonicol and Chanthol with their baby Rachel

The twins of Pastor Poleak and Nekru Malout, Paul and Peter were there too.

Pastor Reaksimey and his wife Roathmony with sons Joshua and Rathana

the Cambodian Ninangs (Godmothers), Channy, Channa, Chumraen

Roathmony, Pastor Reaksimey's wife, a seamstress, made this blue dress as her birtday gift to Esher

the kids enjoyed playing the fishing toy given by baby Rachel, daughter of Sonicol and Chantol.

Mr. Bob Lemon, whom Esher call, uncle Bug, was a victim of "the icing game or the after cake" fun. The students had fun catching each other putting icing into each other's face or neck.

Adam and Rachel had fun with the 'icing game' too.